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From the Collected Works of Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis (z”l)

On Refugees, the Stranger and Jewish Conscience
A Jewish moral sensibility will not tolerate the denigration of ‘the other.’

The Talmudic observation notes that ‘love of the stranger’ appears in the Hebrew Bible thirty-six times, more than any other verse in the Torah…Our texts are mirrors. They reflect ourselves, and in ourselves we discover the ‘other,’ our neighbors….

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The mission of the Harold M. Schulweis Institute is to share with generations to come, Rabbi Schulweis’ humanitarian and spiritual vision of Jewish life and learning that influenced the direction of all synagogue activities and the creation of innovative programs at Valley Beth Shalom during his tenure. To enhance Jewish life and influence the broader community, the Institute will continue to collect and introduce Rabbi Schulweis’ teachings and moral vision by promoting public access to his sermons, lectures, and scholarly writing, and by creating and supporting legacy programs affecting Jewish scholarship, the arts, and social action.

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Through this website, the Institute now provides new and powerful capabilities for search and retrieval of information housed in the world’s largest collection of Rabbi Schulweis’ work.  Continuing the Institution’s historic role in supporting Rabbi Schulweis’ teaching that Judaism is simultaneously personal, communal and global—with a mission of Tikkun Olam, repair of the world, the Institute has also selected several Legacy programs that will be supported by the Institute in 2016-17.  Follow the links below to find information on some of the Institute’s recent activities and initiatives.