American Jewish University – Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis Rabbinic Seminar Series at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis Rabbinic Seminar

Spring Semester 2017

Theme: “Godliness: Implications for a Rabbi’s Work”


Thanks to the generosity of the Harold M. Schulweis Institute (HSMI), the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (ZSRS) continued the bold educational initiative for their rabbinical students during the spring 2017 semester, with the second “Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis Rabbinic Seminar.”

The  theme was Godliness: Implications for a Rabbi’s Work.  Godliness is a linchpin in the Rabbi’s revolutionary  introduction of Predicate Theology as a way to relate positively to divinity, and its celebration in prayer and ritual. Quoting from Rabbi Schulweis, “We are an old-new people and we require old-new ways to renew our connection with our ancestors’ faith. From Elohim to Elohut, Godliness, is not a path away, but towards our spiritual renewal and reconciliation.”

The sessions were presented as follows:

From God to Godliness – Guest Lecturer Rabbi Ed Feinstein : Addressing the reasons that would impel a man like Rabbi Schulweis to move from God to Godliness, and to explore the consequences in terms of halakhah, pastoral care, and morality.

Godliness as a Source for Healing – Guest Lecturer Rabbi Sharon Broun: Addressing ways that a focus on godliness makes possible better pastoral responses. What do you say when…?

Godliness and the Person – Guest Lecturer Malkah Schulweis: The tool to fully express godliness requires an understanding of the psychological processes of the individual.