VBS College of Jewish Studies

Valley Beth Shalom, in launching a new initiative of bringing art in its many forms into the synagogue, was proud to present Faces of Homelessness: Painting the Unseen Among Us. The Harold M. Schulweis Institute was the lead sponsor of this exhibit as part of its Creative Arts Program. This art exhibition featured 25 portraits by artist and clinical psychologist, Dr. Stuart Perlman, with accompanying personal stories, narratives about homelessness and texts from the Jewish tradition that speak to the issue. This initiative converts the walls of the synagogue into galleries that promote Jewish values by exhibiting artists and works that seek to transform lives and raise social conscience. The exhibition included a “what you can do” section and informational brochures with programs intended to alleviate homelessness in Los Angeles. The exhibition ran through December 2013 and was free of charge. Click on the picture to feel the impact of these portraits and their stories.