The Harold M. Schulweis Institute — A Center for Jewish Learning

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harold M. Schulweis Institute – A Center for Jewish Learning is to share with generations to come, Rabbi Schulweis’ vision of Jewish life and Jewish learning as developed at Temple Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA. The Institute functions, first, as a “Schulweis Legacy Library,” collecting, preserving and making available, online recordings and copies of Rabbi Schulweis’ teachings, writings and oratory and those of contemporary rabbinic scholars, colleagues, and teachers. Second, the Institute offers new programs including Jewish scholarship, public dialogues, and advocacy in social humanitarian actions affecting Jewish, Israeli, local and global communities. Third, the Institute promotes programs which, in the spirit of Rabbi Schulweis’ vision, enrich Jewish life and the life of the synagogue with visual arts, performing arts, music, and literature.

Established in 2005, in celebration of Rabbi Schulweis 80th birthday, the Institute operates for charitable and religious purposes as an affiliate of Valley Beth Shalom under its tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).