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The Harold M. Schulweis Institute welcomes you to our website, and encourages you to explore the many paths to his writings, and to audio and video materials that you will find here.  Our goal is to help you to discover his teachings, his moral vision, and the depth of his community activism that continue to inspire us and enrich our lives today.

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in the VBS Ellie and Mark Lainer Beit Midrash

“The Jewish religious calendar holds together contrasting moods and ideas…The introspective solemnity of the High Holy Days is balanced by the exuberant openness to nature on Sukkoth…The Passover, expressive of freedom, leads into the Shavuoth revelation of the Law…The grieving of Yom HaShoah is followed by the celebration of the resurrection of hope on Israel’s Independence Day.”– Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis z”l