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On December 15, 2023, a Musical Shabbat Service was held to commemorate The 9th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Schulweis (zl) at Valley Beth Shalom.

Click the image above for more information on the program, and to access the full recording of this beautiful service held in the Rabbi’s memory.

This  two part exhibit provides a spiritual journey through the Jewish calendar, guided by the words of Rabbi Schulweis and music by composer Aminadav “Ami” Aloni (z’l).  It is based on an oratorio produced in the 1980’s.  Part one includes the Rabbi’s perspectives on our fall holy/holidays, Rosh Hashanah through Hanukkah, and audio recordings of Aloni’s music. Part 2 mounted in the spring covers Purim through Yom Ha’Atzma’ut.

You can visit the Ellie and Mark Lainer Beit Midrash at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, California and experience “MOED.”

CLICK HERE or visit the MOED page located under Exhibits for more information, including links to further information and to listen to selected audio samples from the oratorio.  The exhibit is curated by volunteers working with the HMSI Schulweis Library Collection.

These are the appointed seasons of the Lord, holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their appointed seasons. — Leviticus 23:4

Welcome to the Harold M. Schulweis Institute

The Harold M. Schulweis Institute welcomes you to our website, and encourages you to explore the many paths to his writings, and to audio and video materials that you will find here.  Our goal is to help you to discover his teachings, his moral vision, and the depth of his community activism that continue to inspire us and enrich our lives today.

Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis (z”l)
1925 – 2014

“Harold Schulweis was a dominant figure in the renewal of Jewish life in the postwar generation of American Jewry.  Widely regarded as the most successful and influential pulpit rabbi of his generation, he shaped an extraordinary career as pulpit rabbi, theologian, public intellectual, and communal leader….He offered a way for contemporary Jews to return to a belief in God in the shadow of the Holocaust.  He demanded that conscience be reintroduced to the heart of Jewish religious life, that Jewish law and practice be aligned with the deepest moral insights of the Jewish tradition, and that Judaism speak with prophetic moral passion to an indifferent, oblivious world…”

From In Pursuit of Godliness and a Living Judaism—The Life and Thought of Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis
By Rabbi Edward Feinstein

CLICK HERE to learn about exhibits based on material in the Schulweis Library Collection

The Mission

The mission of the Harold M. Schulweis Institute is to share with generations to come, Rabbi Schulweis’ humanitarian and spiritual vision of Jewish life and learning that influenced the direction of all synagogue activities and the creation of innovative programs at Valley Beth Shalom during his tenure.

To enhance Jewish life and influence the broader community, the Institute will continue to collect and introduce Rabbi Schulweis’ teachings and moral vision by promoting public access to his sermons, lectures, and scholarly writing, and by creating and supporting legacy programs affecting Jewish scholarship, the arts, and social action.

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