The Continuing Legacy of Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis (z”l)—A Collection of Reflections for High Holidays 5781


Excerpt from Sh’ma Written on My Heart:
The keen-eyed Rabbi of Kotzk, Menachem Mendel,  noted:
‘The verse following the Sh’ma does not say, to set the words “In thy heart,”
but rather ‘Upon thy Heart’”
To teach us that at times the heart is shut.
I must not therefore cease praying,
For the words will lie upon my closed heart, but when my heart opens again
They will descend into its depth…  –Harold M. Schulweis z”l



Hide and Seek

How Do You Pray, Rabbi?

Adonai Elohim (text)

Adonai Elohim (audio)

Forgiveness (audio)


Sh’ma Written on My Heart

How to Pray


Entering the Sanctuary


The Next Day


Prayer Isn’t Boring: You Are!


Hard Questions on Death and Burial (audio)

Yizkor (poem)

Sculpting Memory (poem)

For Whom the Kaddish is Recited

Holding On and Letting Go