What is in the Archive?

The Archive contains hundreds of files, including Documents, Video Files, and Audio files
What’s a quick way to get started?

  • Dive right in!!  Type a search word or two into the bar at the top of the page and click on SEARCH.  A list of any files that contain any of those words will pop up.  Click on a file to read, listen, or watch, depending on whether you select a document, audio or video file (the icons next to the file names will tell you what’s what)
  • Test the Water:  Try these words just to see how it works:
    • Poetry (you will get a list of over 150)
    • Synagogue (you will get a mix of over 100 document, audio and video files)
    • Mysticism (over 30 files)
    • Teleological (one of the Rabbi’s favorite words, you should get around 9)
  • Dive in a little deeper:  Try the shortcuts.  Go to the search bar, hit backspace a couple of times to clear any entries, then go to the left hand box and click the down arrow next to COLLECTIONS, click on Schulweis Interviews, and click on APPLY.  You should get a listing of video interviews conducted by Rabbi Feinstein in 2008

How do I do a more detailed search of the Archive?

There are two ways to search the archive, by entering text into the search bar at the top of this page, or by using some helpful shortcuts located on the left side of the page

Text Search

  • To perform a search that will generate a list of files containing specific words, simply enter the words in the search bar and click on SEARCH.
  • If you want to restrict your search to just one media type (Document, Audio or Video), click the appropriate button underneath the search bar before you click on SEARCH.  If you don’t select media type, then all file types will be included in the search results.
  • When you click SEARCH, you will get a list of text files that includes ANY of the words you have entered. The list will also include any audio or video files where the title of the file contains ANY of the words you have entered in the file title.
  • Note that we also have many text transcriptions of audio files in the archive, so your search results may include text transcriptions of audio files that may contain ANY of the words you have entered AND any audio files that have one of the words in the file name.
  • When the list of files appears, click on any of the file names listed in list of files to retrieve that file
  • To get a complete listing of all files in the archive, leave the search field blank and just hit the SEARCH button

Using the Shortcuts on the left side of the page

  • We have provided 3 shortcuts that may be useful, in the box on the left side of the page.
  • To go directly to one of the shortcuts without doing a text search: Without performing a text based search, you can leave the search bar blank (backspace once or twice in the search bar to make sure you clear any previous work) and go directly to the shortcuts, select one item from the menus and click APPLY
  • Using a shortcut AFTER doing a text based search:
    • if you have performed a search using words entered into the search bar, you can use the  MEDIA TYPE, YEAR, or COLLECTIONS shortcuts as a filter to refine the results listing.  Specifically:
    • You can select a Media type by clicking on the down arrow next to MEDIA, selecting Document, Audio or Video, and clicking APPLY
    • You can  select a particular year by selecting a year from the YEAR pull down menu and clicking APPLY
    • We have defined a set of collections on specific topics that may be of interest to the community.  You can search for files that are in a particular collection (Poetry for example) from the  COLLECTIONS pull-down menu,  selecting the collection of interest and clicking APPLY
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We invite you to go to the CONTACT page of the site to send us comments  or questions regarding your experience in searching the archive.


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